Roof Repairs Perth for Terracotta and Concrete Tile Roofs

Roofing Repairs Perth for terracotta and concrete tiled roof repairs

Roofing repairs and roof leak repairs all over the Perth metro area for both terracotta tiled and concrete tiled roof repairs. When we inspect your roof we’ll check over the tiles, flashings, valleys and around chimneys and all other roof protrusions. If you want new roofing Perth then have a look at our next web page.
Terracotta tiled roof repairs require the most care of all roof types due to the fragile nature of terracotta roof tiles. Really old terracotta roof tiles in Perth dating from the 1920’s can suffer from spalling which is the back of the tile crumbling away. Terracotta roof tiles close to the Perth coast can suffer from salt attack making them very brittle also.

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Roof Repairs for old Terracotta tiles

So if you start to get small leaks from your terracotta roof tiles you’ll need a roof repair carried out by a specialist who knows what they are doing on terracotta roofs in Perth. We regularly attend to terracotta roof tile repairs even after roofing companies have inspected the roof, only to find that many roof tiles have been cracked during the roof inspection process, sometimes caused by carelessness or by someone walking on your roof who should not be there. They might not have the knowledge to walk on your roof correctly or just might be too heavy for your terracotta roof.
If your terracotta roof in Perth is old then we have to extremely careful up there when doing roof repairs as small leaks over the years can cause rotting in the roof timbers, meaning an impending accident for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.
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Quotes can be sent by email for convenience and contain detail written in plain english and we do our best to explain in non technical language what roof repairs or roof restorations are required to get your terracotta roof back into great shape.
I just had someone phone from Duncraig, with an issue about old terracotta roof tiles. In this case they had just purchased an older style home in the area and needed someone to check over the terracotta roof. Always willing to give free advice on the phone I had a talk to the owner and it was evident that the old terracotta tiles were spalling - this is where the back of the terracotta tile starts to crumble away suffering from the effect of the oceanside climate. This is a case of our company not being able to do anything in the immediate future to help but we are always willing to talk through any roofing repair, roof pointing or roof restoration questions you may have.
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