Roof Repairs Perth for Terracotta and Concrete Tile Roofs

Roof Cleaning Leederville for Terracotta Roof Tiles

We have an eco friendly low pressure application for roof cleaning especially if you have a terracotta tiles on your roof in Leederville.

Our low pressure system is applied at about the pressure of a shower.
This means that we don’t damage any part of your roof with high pressure roof cleaning equipment that can ruin the pointing around your ridge caps.

If you have concrete tiles then high pressure cleaning will strip off all traces of colour left on your tiles so you’ll have no option but to spend money restoring the surface.

Our product just concentrates on killing off the grimy stuff, like black alga, mosses and lichens and won’t damage any other part of your building or paintwork. Because it is environmentally friendly it breaks down quickly into components that won’t pollute the environment.

So what happens is that the lichen and moss die within the first 48 hours. Its then up to the weather to wash off whats remaining.

The lichen and moss falls off in small pieces so theres no risk of blocking your downpipes with all the lichen from your roof as the plant material is removed slowly and breaks down naturally to be washed or blown away.

You can be sure that your plants and pets will be safe and that there will be no harmful run off into the drains and waterways

You can expect our product to keep working for about 2 years. In the first 12 months the lichen and moss will be removed by rain and wind, and the result is that you will have a better looking house with no risk of roof leaks caused by lichen and moss growth.

Lichens and mosses don’t tend to grow on concrete roofs but you can get a really bad black algae. Our product will kill the algae and restore the surface of the concrete tiles to reveal the colour underneath the algae.
leederville roof moss removal

With our soft wash system:-
  • No Leaks during the cleaning process from high pressure water.
  • No damage to your terracotta roof tiles.
  • No damage to the pointing so no extra expense
  • Our product has a residual action that keeps working for up to 2 years.