Roof Repairs Perth for Terracotta and Concrete Tile Roofs

Leaking Roof Perth and how we repair terracotta and concrete tiled leaking roofs

Roof leaks can be difficult to track down. Roof leaks are caused by a wide range of issues that cause roof leaks including lack of terracotta roof maintenance, roof ridge cap pointing becoming loose and falling out, letting the lichen and moss grow on your roof, cracked roof tiles, and corrosion in tiled roof valleys and flashings. So you can’t just fix roof leaks by squirting roofing silicone everywhere and hope it will work. Sometimes a roof leak is very difficult to fix where the cracked tile is almost impossible to see. In this case we have to work at the spot directly above the stain on your ceiling and start removing tiles to check each one. If the leak is at the top of the roof then we might need to remove a whole section of roof tiles right up close to the ridge caps as the water can sometimes run down a rafter and won’t drip onto your ceiling until it hits a nail. This takes a bit of time and might seem at first glance over the top to find a roof leak, but its the only way we can be sure we’ve found the problem leak and be confident that we’ve fixed it usually by replacing the cracked tile.
rusty roof valley
new roof valleys
So lets address some of these roof leak issues. Some are pretty obvious i.e. roof leaks caused by lack of roof tile ridge cap pointing not being maintained. What happens here to cause roof leaks is that the pointing become loose and falls out. This in turn lets the weather start to attack the roof tile bedding which is not waterproof so it starts to soak up water, weakening the bedding cement and the ridge cap becomes loose and you get a really persistent roof leak.
Roof lichen and moss should be cleaned from terracotta roofs.
A leaking roof caused by lichen shouldn’t occur but it does. What happens in this situation is that the lichen clogs up the gaps between the tiles stopping the water draining freely from under each roof tile - thats a lot of potential for roof leaks. Removing lichen and moss will fix the problem.
One of the biggest issues causing roof leaks in Perth is corroding flashings caused by the salty oceanside air. You can see in the picture above a very rusty valley - don’t wait this long, one storm and a leaking valley iron and you’ve got a seriously leaking roof with a load of inside damage.
The same thing happens around brick chimneys. The flashing tray around the chimney becomes corroded and the roof leak shows itself by a brown stain on your chimney breast wall. Simple to fix but can cause loose wall plaster damage. This area on the upper side of the chimney also collects piles of leaves and tree debris, we’ve seen some roof leaks where there is almost a compost heap up there. Regular maintenance and a roof inspection now and then will give you peace of mind and a good maintenance regime will keep your insurance company happy.

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