Roof Repairs Perth for Terracotta and Concrete Tile Roofs

Cracked Tile Roof Repairs Perth for terracotta and concrete tiled roofs

Cracked roof tiles can cause so many issues in your roof space. Soggy wet insulation just might save the leak getting through and ruining your plaster ceiling. However if you get a storm and you have a broken roof tile then you’ll get substantial water sitting on top of your plasterboard ceiling. If this happens just make a tiny hole in your ceiling with something sharp just to let the excess water escape into a bucket. This will stop any long term sagging of your ceiling or any serious long term damage.
Did you know……….
your insurance company will repair interior ceiling damage after a storm, but they won’t pay up for roof work and cracked roof tiles if they can see that the roof requires maintenance.
It can take a fair bit of experience to track down a roof leak caused by a broken or cracked roof tile.
It might be that the roof tile only has a very small crack where the roof tiles overlap - other damage can be more obvious.
Terracotta tiles generally are quite brittle so even if you’ve had some work done by a cable guy or internet supplier it generally pays to get your roof checked over for cracked roof tiles when they’ve completed their work.
Sometime you get cracked roof tiles close to a valley or flashing where someone has walked up the roof on or close to a valley and cracked one of the tiles that are cut at an angle. These tiles are really important as they carry large volumes of water down into the valleys - if they leak you get lots of water into the roof space. When experienced roofers get onto a roof we know to not walk on tiles close to valleys. But others don’t!
Our experience in tracking down roof leaks means that we most likely will be able to tell you how long the roof tile(s) has been cracked.
roof tile pointing
We replace cracked tiles, we don’t glue them. Most terracotta and concrete tiles can be matched for size but may be more difficult to match for age and colour. We simply put the replacement where you can’t see it from street level and move an existing tile to the visible location.